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Home Parties
Personal one to one readings for 3 to 6 people.  Your home psychic party starts with a brief introduction a questions and answer session and then personal one to one clairvoyant reading for you and your friends.

Mark reads with runes, palms or crystal to give a general overview, answer questions and where possible connect with spirit.  Each person will get a full 20 minute reading.  Please note if you would like to try to connect with spirit please bring a photo and or personal item from the person passed to help me connect.

Mark covers Devon and Cornwall

Runes/ Palms/ Crystal
Mark uses the ancient runes to read for you, printed on cards in this case.  The runes are symbols each one has a meaning on its own but when you put it together with others they build a bigger picture.  The runic symbols were one of our first alphabets, some of the symbols remain in our alphabet today.

Mark can give you an accurate character reference from the shape of your hand, the lines within and skin tones.

Mark reads the energies of the crystals to read for you.

Paranormal Investigator
Mark is also a psychic investigator, do you have unexplainable happenings, strange noises, things that go bump in the night.  Call Mark for a thorough investigation.

Psychic Development
Mark runs personal development courses in Plymouth, if you  want to connect to your spiritual side or are just interested and want to learn more about clairvoyance contact him .



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Call, text or e-mail to book your one to one personal reading or home party.

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