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Mark Cheetham Clairvoyant Medium & Paranormal Investigator
Do you have something spooky, strange or suspicious happening to you?  How does it make your feel?
Mark investigates the paranormal. "I begin by looking for the obvious, knocking pipes, banging doors, creaking floorboards etc."  You would be surprised how many investigations I do that have natural outcomes.

And then there are the others!

An orb envelops my face as I  investigate.

A couple called for my help when they were chased out of their own home by strange happenings!
I investigate a house that has a cold chill that seems to wander from room to room.
A woman feels steel cold eyes watching her in the hallway and lounge.
Glasses break when left in the sitting room at night.
Strange lights and shadows are often seen in areas of a house where the baby plays with spirit!
A car is seemingly possessed by a strange energy.

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08451 260 354 (local call rates)
Mobile 07838 146 242